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5 Hacks that may Improve Your Facebook Ads


Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising or you’re a “pro”, there’s always space for improvement and certain hacks that may get you plenty of engagement and conversions.

There’s just about a million ways to succeed – and fail – with Facebook ads, but the hacks below ought to facilitate lead your campaigns toward success.

These Facebook ad hacks are designed to improve your ad creative, giving unique ways to form an ad more engaging and convertible. thus often an ad will fail simply because it’s creative wasn’t thought out as much as the targeting was.

Advertisers will get in the habit of pushing out ad after ad without really considering what makes an ad engaging to users. Facebook could be a platform designed around the user experience, and also the ads shouldn’t be any different.

Create ads on Facebook that both Facebook and users can love with these five ad creative hacks.

Hack #1: Stock Videos Are Better than No Videos

Tired of hearing that you got to create videos but have no plan where to begin? You aren’t alone.

Not every business has the time or capability to create videos at the drop of a hat for a Facebook ad campaign. yet we tend to all know how vital video creative is for social media these days.

A video on Facebook receives on average 135 % more organic reach than a Facebook image. Photos used to be the foremost engaging type of creative on social media, but video has quickly surpassed images and is currently the thing.

So here’s the solution:

Stock videos.

In an exceedingly situation like this where Facebook is more willing to show video ads over image ads and people are more willing to reply to video, you need to urge video from somewhere.

Plus, we tend to currently have so many different stock websites to settle on from, you’re bound to notice a type of style that matches with your brand and doesn’t feel so stock-like.

Hack #2: Avoid Using the Color Blue in Ad Creative

Facebook’s primary color is blue — #3b5998 to be exact. Using pictures and videos that have blue tones in your ad campaigns isn’t about to help your ad stand out in the News Feed.


By the way, I’m not concerning a solid blue image with text. I’m talking about anything that includes a blue hue to it such as a sky background, ocean waves, or someone standing in front of a blue wall. These blue tones will make the ad blend in with the News Feed, which is exactly what we don’t want an ad to do.

Instead of focusing on blue tones, try using colors that match your brand especially if they’re vivid colors like orange, green, and red.

Orange is blue’s complementary color so not only will it stand out, but it will look darn good in the News Feed.

Hack #3: Be a Fun Ad Emojis in the Ad Copy

Everyone loves a decent emoji these days, so why not include one or 2 in your ad copy? There are 2 rules to live by when using emojis in your ad copy:

  • Do not overuse emojis.
  • Only use emojis that make sense with the copy.

No one can appreciate four rain drop emojis, 2 poop face emojis, and the cat with heart eyes next to copy about booking a winter vacation. The emojis got to be relevant to the action you wish the user to make and the feeling you’re trying to convey.


Take this ad for instance. They used the speaker emoji to communicate “turn on your sound.” These emojis create an extra awful addition because so often individuals watch videos on social media without their sound on.

By having a little extra encouragement in the ad copy with the speaker emojis, it’s telling users you’re not going to want to look at this without sound. so flip it up!

Hack #4: Don’t Just Rely on the Button for Website Traffic

Facebook ad objectives should be something simple for users to do, and something they’ll truly wish to do.

One way of accomplishing both of these things is by including a link to your website/landing page in the ad copy.


Sure, the call to action button can direct users there, but the button can really feel “ad-like.” What I mean by that’s just about everyone knows if a Facebook post has “Sponsored” on it and a call to action button, then it’s an ad.

Users, just like yourself, don’t like to be advertised to and forced to do something. We’d rather build the choice ourselves, knowing where we’ll end up.

Psychologically, it can feel easier for users to make the decision on their own to depart Facebook by simply clicking on the link inside the ad copy. They grasp exactly what they’re getting themselves into and they’re choosing to go to that destination, versus clicking on “Learn More” not knowing where they’ll truly go.

Hack #5: Design an Ad Your Audience Will Be Attracted To

I know, seems like a common sense kind of tip, but it’s actually one of the most important tips people forget about. Facebook even offers this in their very black and white “Creative Tips” because it’s so vital for advertisers to target.

Not only does your ad copy ought to speak to your demographic, but your imagery and video, too. Let’s dissect Facebook’s example.

  • To the left, you’ll see an ad for a restaurant that focuses on a cocktail. This ad is targeting a younger, millennial kind of audience that most seemingly has a 9-to-5 job and enjoys going out with coworkers at the end of the day for a drink. this is a really specific kind of person, although we can probably all relate, and also the ad is created just for that part of the restaurant’s demographic.
  • The photo to the right is by the same restaurant but is targeting their older demographic, the portion of their client base that comes in just for the food. If the restaurant had used a similar cocktail picture to attract that older audience, say 50+ years old, they’ll have turned the audience away by looking too much like a bar atmosphere and not a eating place.


The next time you’re working on a creative for a brand new Facebook advertising campaign, try implementing these five hacks and watch your conversions soar.

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