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7 Factors That You Must Study Before Starting Off Page Seo.


While On-Page and Off-Page SEO are both important, many would agree that the key to the success of your search engine optimization efforts would be the kind of Off-page work that you do. Off-page SEO, after all, focuses almost exclusively on building high quality links to your site, and we all know that it’s these incoming links that help you get some real traffic that would get you to the top spots of search engines.

As with on-page SEO, off-page SEO involves a lot of factors and understanding the essential ones will play a huge role in the success of your website.

1. The number of inbound links

The fact that Google puts a premium on the number of inbound links that a website has when establishing its authority makes it one of the most basic and essential off-page SEO factors.

The more links point to your pages, the better your chances of getting noticed by Google and other search engines, which could then lead to improved visibility and ranking there.

2. The quality of those inbound links

  • Quantity is good, but the quality of incoming links is important too. While it’s nice to get links even from relatively obscure sites, getting them from well-established ones who are considered an authority in your niche, is infinitely more preferable.
  • A one-way link also has more weight than a reciprocal link. The relevance of the page that is linked to should also be considered.
  • A link from a health website to a monetary services site, as an example, won’t have the maximum amount impact as a link from a fellow monetary services company.

3. The speed of building those links

  • Aside from the number, and quality of incoming links, another off-page issue that ought to be thought of is the speed at that you engineered those incoming links.
  • Link building efforts that yield ends up in Associate in Nursing artificially quick fashion– may create search engines suspicious, and justly therefore.
  • Your two-week old site getting, say, 5,000 low-quality links in one day does appear suspicious, and that could lead to penalties on your site.
  • To stay on high of this off-page SEO issue, avoid mistreatment machine-driven tools that generate thousands of links instantly. Follow a gentle link-building campaign to induce the most effective results.

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4. Number of Social shares

It has been almost eight years since Matt Cutts, then-head of Google’s Webspam team, confirmed that Google uses social shares as ranking signals.

Today, almost all websites have social media engagement. Social shares are also a clear indication of valuable content, or people wouldn’t share them at all in the first place. Search engines will consider this when determining which pages to put at the top of the SERPs.

5. Local SEO

  • For businesses that have an actual brick-and-mortar store, local SEO is one off-page SEO factor on which they should put a lot of resources.
  • After all, a major proportion of net users seek for native services, and merchandise online. It’s also a fact that location directly influences most search results these days, regardless of whether the search was done on a desktop computer or a mobile device.
  • By integration native SEO with It’s selling campaign, a business boosts its probabilities being found a by online users.

6. Domain age

  • As mentioned above, off-page factors are things you have no control over, and the age of your domain is a prime example of things you can’t really do much about.
  • Naturally, a website that’s been in for five or six years appearance higher within the eyes of Google, which may be an issue that may assist you rank higher.
  • So if you can help it, never let your domain go in exchange for a new one if your site is already of a certain age. But if you need to re direct always use a 301 redirect from the old domain to your newer one.

7. Business reviews

  • Positive reviews facilitate a business gain the trust and confidence in their whole. The additional positive reviews you get, the better, as a result, Google can devour that signal and take it to mean that your business is sweet enough to advocate to its users.
  • A warning though: don’t even have confidence paying for positive reviews or swing up faux ones. You will be found out sooner or later, and there will be consequences.


There are dozens of other off-page SEO ranking factors, and the ones mentioned above are just to get you started. Take advantage of those off page SEO ranking factors, and you’ll eventually boost your online presence and complete awareness, and improve your ranking within the SERPs.

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