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A Guide to Link Building through blog Comments


Link building through Blog comments will facilitate your brand if done properly.

The problem? many of us in SEO don’t use them properly.

Over the years, blog comments are exploited and abused.

As a result, some individuals not even think about blog comments a worthy link building plan of action.

Blog comments are typically viewed as the opposite of the link that keeps on giving. blog comments are sometimes the nightmare that ne’er ends.

Don’t Give the Boot to Blog Comments

There are plenty of link building tasks to stock up your workday — content creation, link reclamation, podcasts, and actual work.

Blog comments aren’t any longer a high priority plan of action for link builders.

However, instead of dismissing blog comments entirely because it’s an out-of-date spammy link building content (and it will be once done wrong), perhaps you must re-imagine it as a sort of community engagement.

Think of blog comments as a more refined, grown-up relation of what once lived of blog comments within the ’90s.

Benefits of blog Commenting Links

Active blog commenting is vital beyond SEO.

Leaving one or 2 comments per day will result in extraordinarily positive results such as:

  • More traffic to your web site. If this can be your goal, your best bet is to discuss blogs that get loads of traffic and are in your business or niche.
  • Reputation building. you’ll be able to use blog comments to create your personal brand. simply make sure to use your real name and a picture of yourself if the blog permits it for your profile. If you’re using anchor text or keywords as your name, you’re doing blog commenting fully wrong.
  • Expert positioning. individuals can get to understand who you’re as you demonstrate your experience on relevant topics. you’ll reach this by loaning a assist or simply agreeing with someone.
  • Building inbound links. If you are taking the time to comment on 2 blog posts per day, with a back-link back to your web site (even if the links are no-followed), the top result are going to be roughly sixty back-links per month, or 720 annually.
  • Leads and conversions. If you’ll attract additional visitors to your web site, you’ll be able to probably convert them from visitors into leads. and those leads might become customers or purchasers and actual revenue.

As for ranking? Years ago, the correct comment on the proper blog could have a robust way to improve your rankings. Today, it’s not nearly as effective as it once was.

Top blog Commenting Tips

  • Find high-quality websites to comment. when I say high-quality, I’m trying to find websites with a domain authority of 60+.
  • After you pull your list of prime websites, explore for an editorial most relevant to your target market.
  • Now, you’ll begin to add worth with your comments. I follow the “sandwich affect” once I comment on an editorial.
    • Sprinkle in valuable data you took from the article,
    • while adding extra information which will spruce up the article.’
    • If you add a link, it has to be relevant and add worth to the post or discussion.
    • Again, acknowledge the author by name and finish with a compliment.

Remember to stay your blog comment short and sweet. I aim to keep mine below one hundred words.

Finally, and most significantly, when it involves blog commenting, you must follow one crucial rule, despite what:

Make your comment valuable to the post and also the discussion.

A comment that has nothing to do with the post itself, despite how long and intelligent it sounds, won’t assist you one bit.

You have to really browse the post and build your comment a response to the post, or a response to a different commenter’s comment.

Be a valuable comm-enter, not a comment spammer!


Time-frame: 7 Months , then ongoing monthly

Results detected: 4-12 months

Average links per month: 4

Tools: Manual commenting. This is not something you want to automate, spam, or copy/paste!


  • Blog comments will offer you a larger reach to your target audience.
  • Blog comments facilitate grow authority and thought-leadership if you’re name and face is being seen on well-known websites.
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