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Facebook Explains How its Search Results Work


Facebook has put along a short ex-plainer video with details concerning how its search results work.

The company says it needs to be more clear about what’s happening once users look for content on Facebook.

Facebook crammed as much data as it might into its less than 2-minute video. Here’s what was revealed.

How Facebook Search Results Work

Search result on Facebook are primarily influenced by people’s activity on Facebook.

What people do off of Facebook has no impact on its search results.

When a user searches for content on Facebook the results are ranked based on their activity on Facebook, and activity of the general community.

Facebook activity that influences search results includes:

  • What your friends share with you
  • Pages you follow
  • Groups you’ve joined
  • Events you’ve liked or followed
  • Things you’ve interacted with in your News Feed
  • Information you’ve listed on your profile
  • Places where you’ve been tagged
  • Previous searches you’ve done

Facebook search result are based on general Facebook community activity, as well as the popularity of what’s being looked for and how recently it had been posted.

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