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How Long will It take to Get 1st Page Rankings?


For the past twelve years that I’ve been optimizing websites, there’s no question i get asked from clients and prospects more than:

“How long will it take me to get ranked within the 1st page of Google for my targeted keywords?”

I’m sure loads of you have received emails from shady companies stating that you} will get to the top of Google in thirty days for just 2 payments of $100.

I wish this was true, but all firms that advertise these forms of services are all scam artists and don’t have any plan of what it takes to get to Page one in Google.

Before I provide my answer based on my experience, let’s explore 2 things that ought to make my answers clear and simple to grasp.

  • Do rankings even matter anymore, and may I focus only on my website?
  • Is it difficult to get to Page 1?

Do Rankings Even Matter Anymore?

I just love it when the CEO of an organization comes to the marketing director, manager, or person in charge of SEO and says, “We ought to rank for xyz terms on Page one.”

You conduct your keyword analysis and determine that those terms have no search volume nor purchase intent.

Rankings are important but a true measurement of SEO is to urge qualified traffic that results in conversions.

Getting to the first position for a few keywords doesn’t mean anything if you’re not going to impact your sales and conversions.

Your agency or in-house team might’ve gotten you on the top three listings – however that doesn’t matter if no one is searching for those terms.

But if your CEO wants to rank for terms that are only relevant to him, like his name, then that might be done rather easily (in a month or less supported my experience) with a few:

  • External links.
  • Internal links.
  • Social links.
  • Etc.

Are Websites Still Needed?

Websites are still required. However, soon we won’t be relying on them as much as we tend to used to because more content is being consumed by social media and in apps.

It’s time to stop wondering your web site as your only marketing vehicle and have a clear set up for your voice search and app strategy because we tend to live in an app economy.

App usage has currently overtaken the mobile net. Mobileloud states that people spent ninetieth of their mobile time using APPs in 2018. In 2017, comScore information showing mobile apps are leading at 87 of mobile time, with net browsing only scoring the remaining thirteen


How to Get to Page one

Now that we perceive that we should look way beyond your web site and target your mobile and app strategy in addition to voice search, let’s point out how much time does it really take to get to Page one.

The real answer depends on the following.

  • The type of website (i.e., new website or an existing site).
  • How competitive the keywords and business are?
  • The popularity of the site (i.e., home name versus a brand that’s making an attempt to get established).
  • What you’re trying to get ranked for (i.e. voice search, answer box, etc.).
  • Where the site is ranking for your targeted keywords.
  • And some alternative factors.

When a consumer asks me how long I will expect to get 1st page rankings for my targeted keywords, I tell them “Let my team do an analysis and we can retreat to to you” because there are so many variables at play.”

A startup with a brand-new web site and new domain with zero links, no popularity, no end user signals, etc. and tells me “I wish to rank on Page one for insurance company.”

I tell them, “Good luck.” it’ll take years to get Page one rankings for that keyword and connected keywords because that’s an excellent competitive business.

Getting to Page one will require a lot of great content and links regarding why people should purchase insurance, what insurance companies are on the market, the best insurance firms, etc.

If an existing website and powerhouse domain like Chase wanted to rank within the 1st page of Google for tiny business credit cards, which they already rank in position #25, i might be up for the challenge. they are simply outside of what we call striking distance (i.e., positions 11-20).

Chase could be a powerhouse in terms of recognition, links, and traffic. it’s the potential to get to Page one for “small business credit cards” with a lot of top quality and helpful content, internal linking, high quality external links, and a few more social love.

CategoryCompetitive KeywordsNon-Competitive Keywords
New Site9 to 12 months+1 to 4 months +
Household Name3 to 6 months1 month or less

Summing Up

Getting to Page 1 in Google is no simple task.

Google has become smarter through advancement in machine learning and real-time algorithms.

Brands must focus not only their websites but also on having a positive content experience across all devices and platforms that helps users in the moment.

Focusing your efforts take time and, if done properly, will get you to the top of the first page of Google in due time, help your website get incremental traffic and conversions, and make your brand a huge success on-line.

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